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14th May
written by Splash

Title: Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Final Fantasy 13-2)
Console: PS3
Genre: RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Square Enix
Summary: Lesson learned from XIII is to wait until I could get this game for dirt cheap. I waited to get the jp version brand new for $30.

But the game still comes to $50+ after getting all the DLC I’m interested in (the extra episodes plus Lightning character). Dammit Squenix this is why I can’t give you perfect scores lately no matter how fanciful your graphics and junk are.
Characters: I cared zilch for Noel during the hype but hearing Kishio voice him makes him much more soothing XD;; And after playing the game I actually like him quite a bit. At least he’s more interesting than the typical Kingdom Hearts character I assumed he was =w=;;;;

Graphics: Graphics are essentially the same as the previous FF game. However, this game has almost no full quality CG scenes, except for the beginning and end, and small clips during flashbacks and such that used full quality CG scenes from the first game. The rest are the other two-levels of quality for CG scenes, choreographed models and just normal models on the spot.
Sound: 8. Overall I preferred the music vibes from the original game more, even though most of the music was brought over to this sequel as well. But the new tracks… I don’t like most of them. The vocals are awkward, and the Red Chocobo music is especially obnoxious, even if a bit obnoxious-cute because it’s punk metal music talking about chocobos. =w=;
Gameplay: 8. While they added a neat “monster catching” element to the game, the actual strategy to the game feels watered down compared to the original game. No summons (although I almost never used them in FFXIII either), less moves for each role, and you can only control two of the three characters in battle. Not to mention you only HAVE Serah, Noel, and one monster in battle for this title. It’s a far cry from the 6 characters you could freely switch around in the original game (at least by endgame).
Replay Value: Apparently there’s a true ending for playing the 2nd time (or err, getting all 160 fragments)? I will probably never bother getting them all. Just need to take the time to youtube that ending sometime.
Overall: 8. I’m not going to count paid DLC content into this final rating. Because seriously, this trend of paying even extra on top of what you’ve already paid to get the game at usual value just cheapens the actual game if I were to factor it in for real. So if I do rate the paid DLC, I’ll rate them on an entirely separate level.

Also, the TBC at the end. Lawl. I just hope Hope is playable in the next game (*punshot*). Now how long do we have to wait for it…


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