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17th November
written by Splash

Title: Sigma Harmonics
Console: NDS
Genre: Mystery, RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Square Enix
Story: 9. Another good alternate reality piece. It didn’t feel all too original by the time it all made sense, but it was still very interesting.
Characters: 9. Not a large selection of characters, but they all do get some development and are very involved with the story. I like :D
Graphics: 10. Just nice. And creepy. In an effective way.
Sound: 10. Hands down win. This is my favorite Masashi Hamauzu soundtrack ever, even if it’s pretty short.
Gameplay: 9. The mix of mystery adventure and RPG is just whimsical. With the music, the entire aura of the game just sucks you in.~ And the battle system is unique in itself, using music and cards with touchscreen interaction to keep the player busy on their toes.
Replay Value: 5. Err, well after beating the mysteries, they aren’t so much of mysteries anymore, and the plot is only one-way. There are only a couple extra missions too. There isn’t much to be expected in terms of extras for a game like this, which is kind of a shame for the unique battling system.
Overall: 9. Definitely worth a play, even if there’s no replay value. It’s an experience like no other, for sure.


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