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3rd December
written by Splash

Title: Kami Naru Kimi to 神なる君と
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome, Visual Novel
Language: Japanese
Company: Idea Factory
Summary: omg this MIGHT be the first Idea Factory game I could score as high as I do for Takuyo games? (I guess I really liked their Fushigi Yuugi games too but that was in great part due to my Nojinii bias). I hope it doesn’t disappoint because it’s got me nicely from the start.

*edit* Anddddd it does not disappoint…! My first high score for an Idea Factory game.~ If you like Takuyo’s otome games, this one should be right up your sleeve too. Also, for anyone who wants to CRY THEIR EYES OUT IN LOVE…~

But word of warning, I’ve only played Narumi’s route (but I won’t spoil, it’s best to experience the love yourself!). XD;
Story: As the game implies, it’s about gods. Japanese traditional shrine/temple gods. Specifically, you become one. Nice catch, huh. But apparently, you still have to prioritize being a high school girl before being a god. It’s all good. XD There’s a good amount of gag mixed into the story despite getting very down-to-earth in many places.

The first half is general storymaking, while the second half revolves entirely around you and the guy you’re going after. In the route I chose, there’s plenty of heart-clenching love story to go even after the confession. HOW that happens, I won’t spoil. Just that… IT’S A SUPER PLUS. I bawled my head off despite knowing in my head I was going to get myself a HAPPY ending, and it was beautiful.
Characters: Like Takuyo’s games, the girl in this title actually has some PERSONALITY. YES. You’ll see it come out in her dialogue, the events in the game, etc.

Sakaki Narumi – Hoshi Souichirou (cool childhood friend)
Ninokami Yuzuru – Narita Ken (cool… catboy)
Takekiyo Yakumo – Hatano Wataru (older athletic “brother” type)
Mizuniwa Rei – Iguchi Yuuichi (younger genki… ghost)
Amatsukuni Hoshien no Mikoto – Sakurai Takahiro (your predecessor god)
+ some subcharacters…

Word of warning, I’ve only played Narumi’s route. XD; Once I set myself on a guy I REALLY like, it’s hard for me to get the heart to try anyone else from the same title ^^;

Btw, Hoshi uses his cool low voice for this one. His character is just 100% cool, in a GOOD way. kamisama…!
I think this is the first time I went for a true childhood friend route. And it just hooked me in this time.
Graphics: 10. Honestly some of the CGs are a tiny bit awkward to me, but I really shouldn’t be complaining considering just how GORGEOUS they are.
Sound: 9. Nothing absolutely OMG GODLY music, but it’s beautiful in the right parts and entertaining in the right parts.
Gameplay: Strongly visual novel with traditional choice-making, and a smalllll choice-making twist for the first half of the game. Close to midpoint, I read up a guide and was surprised to see so few choices required for a route. I got a little nervous, but turns out I had no reason to be. If anything, I would relate it to Panic Palette, where the first half involves a little more general “gaming” action, and the second half revolves entirely around you and the guy you’re going after. There’s even less to do for Kami Naru Kimi to, but that’s not a bad thing. You just get more nice visual novel instead. :)
Replay Value: The word index that gets unlocked after a game clear is hilarious (have to clear other routes to complete the index). Every term has a narration by the characters. Narumi’s are hilarious. :DDD
Overall: 10. Despite my presumptions on Idea Factory games, this one just blows the rest I’ve tried out of the water. In a good otome game, I need a world I can get sucked into, where the characters ACTUALLY INTERACT with each other, where there are both lighthearted and heartbreaking moments… down-to-earth moments… full-on trials and tribulations of love (that aren’t just ridiculous)… this game has it all.

Btw, my end bias for this strong rating is because this Hoshi is so crushable for me. THIS HOSHI, Hnggggggggggggggggg!!!!

I’m under the assumption that this game didn’t get very much marketing? Not enough people talking about it. Maybe because the cast isn’t as extravagant as other titles lately? Is Hoshi turning people away from the game? Is that really it? D8
Oh also, a much more extensive review with all the spoilers if you’re interested. Since I probably won’t end up playing the other routes just because of how I am, this was a good read for me AFTER finishing my route. XD; But I’m personally very set on not giving spoilers on my end.

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