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19th March
written by Splash

Title: Togainu no Chi
Console: PC
Genre: Visual Novel, BL, R-18
Language: Japanese
Company: Nitro+CHiRAL
Summary: Finally played this after watching the anime, hoping that the original game would be more satisfying than the terrible anime. XD Eh.
Characters: Main character was good. Don’t really feel like talking more about this though.
Graphics: 6. Very early Nitro+CHiRAL game, Kurahana Chinatsu’s early art… It wasn’t all that awesome like it is now. XD;
Sound: 6.
Gameplay: Mostly visual novel, so choices are few and generally not difficult.
Replay Value: I was only interested in one route when I played it, and I’m pretty sure I got it, so I’ll just leave it at that. :x
Overall: 6. I was hoping for some REAL lovely relationship development that I didn’t get in the anime, but it didn’t get to me as much as it did in Lamento. Too bad.



  1. Nataly_Sleyter

    If it’s not a secret, which route did you play?

  2. 24/06/2011


  3. Nataly_Sleyter

    Is it right that you won’t get true ending if you don’t have two bad ones first? cause here’s quite strange system… I’m playing now Keisuke’s route, too.

  4. 24/06/2011

    Capture guide (spoilers): There’s only one good ending for Keisuke and the true ending is only with Shiki. Meh XD

  5. Nataly_Sleyter

    hah, I like Shiki and I hope he’s not that asshole he was in anime XD. Really I wanted to play the game before watching the anime, but I decided to watch first to understand better the game and to get some yaoi xDD I hardly can say I understand the plot completely after watching LOL The only thing I liked was attractive guys, haha. But I think the main idea with this “Igura” wasn’t too bad after all…

  6. 24/06/2011

    I have this quirk with the Messiah game too in that the “true ending” is with the character I care for the least, and so he gets more endings than the character I really like, but at least in Messiah there’s still plenty of goodness with the character I like… /love ahhh Ryouta~~~

    Oh but yeah, actually the anime did help me understand the plot a lot more, the whole Igura game, but at the same time it let me skip through all the visual novel parts when they went through explaining it, so I might have missed out on some subtle things there. Likely not though :P~

  7. Nataly_Sleyter

    Well, you like Messiah? I’ve heard about this game and it’s in my queue, my long long queue xD Ryouta is very good-looking, and the main guy, I guess, this one with quite long grey hair?..In some pics he’s OK, but not my type I think XD
    Yeah, I skip a lot too!! And there are so many scenes and replies…I’d become tired very fast if I had to read all these, so thanks god I watched the anime.
    Even if you missed something, it wasn’t such an important thing, believe me LOL For instance, talks about Motoki (if I remember his name correctly) smoking so much XD

  8. 24/06/2011

    Yes, the “main” guy (Koh) is such a rapist, do not want XD;; I prefer Ryouta any day~~ (plus it’s Nojima Hirofumi <3 <3 <3 Ryoutaaaa). I did manage to pull through Koh's routes (mostly skipping though) to get the extra ending for Ryouta (and it also unlocks the true ending with Koh but eh XD). Heartbroken Ryouta leaves such a big impression especially after doing his good routes T___T~~~

    Messiah has a really slow start, but I hope you can get to it soon in that long queue!! It's soooo worth it~~~ and the H is really delicious waaa *runs*

  9. Nataly_Sleyter

    Thanks for advice, I’m gonna play as soon as I’m done with all current games xD Because I haven’t done yet all roots in Jingi Naki Otome, I also play Hoshi no Oujo, LoveRevo and Absolute Obedience LOL creepy mix, hah. And today I’ve finished Enzai and I really liked it (I’ve never thought I would), probably the best yaoi game for me at this moment LOL LOL LOL

  10. 24/06/2011

    XD~ creepy mix is fun~~~ Ohhh yeah you’ve got something you really liked, yeah definitely give it the time it deserves <3 <3 <3

  11. Nataly_Sleyter

    Can you advise me any other good BL or Otome games?xD

  12. 24/06/2011

    Mm on the PC I can’t recommend much, since most of the otome I play is on the PSP (lots of good ones on there though) and I haven’t had much time to play on the PC yet. For BL, Lamento and Messiah are still my two top favorites~ XD;

  13. Nataly_Sleyter

    Well I can play PS2 games with emulator, but my Japanese is…not very good to understand the games xD I know only some words and phrases, and I can’t read kanji… my native language is russian, and my second and third are english and french, but I’m studying japanese, too, because I wanna play these games which can’t be translated with ChiiTrans xD

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