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23rd March
written by Splash

Title: Hanaoni: Koisomeru Koku Eikyuu no Shirushi [華鬼 恋い初める刻 永久の印]
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: Idea Factory
Summary: (copy/pasted) Demon brides are girls cursed to fall into the lands of the demons. All their gestures seem alluring to men and all of these girls are hated by women. Kanna has lived the first 16 years of her live in the inhospitable human world and from now on, she will live with the demons as the lord’s bride.

Yet, not all is well, for her intended groom sees her as an obstacle and attempted killing her in several occasions and to make matters worse, other demons see her as the weak spot of the lord and seek to kill her. Her only source of protection is the lord’s team of guards, and even they might have ulterior motives.

Survive the demon bride curse, the attempts at your life and find your destined man/demon.

Finished Noji-nii’s and Kajikaji’s routes! Dunno if I’ll bother with the others…
Story: Lol this artist and “demons.”
Characters: Maeno Tomoaki, Nojima Hirofumi, Kaji Yuuki, Suzumura Ken’ichi…
I finished Noji-nii’s route but was only mildly impressed. Mostly because of the character himself was so mellow with everything, and plotwise he was very much just a typical school nurse .___.; Could’ve used a litttttle bit more spice. Such a shame because Noji-nii is pretty much my favorite voice EVER and he has very few game roles.

Finished KajiKaji’s route. Found it a bit awkward that most of the CG scenes were miniature dates of some sort. His storyline was kind of cute and leaned towards the Hakuouki end of demon treatment, but I wish it had been delved out more.

I’m tempppppted to go for Maeno Tomoaki’s route since he’s obviously the main with 25 CGs on his list, while Nojinii has only 14 and Kajikaji has 16, and everyone else around the same range or less. And the few CGs I’ve gotten for Maeno already are all really nice. Hmmmmmmm.

Graphics: Like Hakuouki. Hawt.
Gameplay: Traditional adventure choice pickings. Timed responses for some of the choices, and there’s a trick that some responses will disappear or appear after a certain time limit. Fortunately, you can save before making any of these choices so it doesn’t hurt to play around. XD;
Replay Value:
Overall: 7/10. I really do want to bump it up to an 8 just because of the seiyuu selection that tickles my fancy so greatly, and the art really is nice, but the story really just didn’t do enough to get anywhere close enough to my heart. All in all, I ENCOURAGE THIS CASTING VERY MUCH… Just need more work on the story, please! XD~

Official Site
Screenshots (mostly kaji’s route, one of nojinii’s)


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