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5th May
written by Splash

Title: Sorayume Portable
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: Takuyo
Pairable cast:
ルーエン=エグランティーン Luen Eglantine – Okiayu Ryoutarou
山瀬 勇人 (やませ ゆうと) Yamase Yuuto – Sakaguchi Daisuke
水窪 一真 (みさくぼ いっしん) Misakubo Isshin – Tsuda Kenjirou
餘部 透 (あまるべ とおる) Amarube Tooru – Hino Satoshi
御剣 暁 (みつるぎ きょう) Mitsurugi Kyou – Kusao Takeshi
朝峰 涼志 (あさみね すずし) Asamine Suzushi – Tachibana Shinnosuke

Despite never being attracted to Okiayu’s familiar voice once in my life, and surprisingly within the presence of Hino and Tachibana, I was attracted enough this time to try to get his route first. XD; Luen’s route happens to have a lot of Tachibana involved anyway. D:

I was trying really hard to get Yamase’s route at first, and I’d always end up on Luen’s or Asamine’s instead, before I had completed Asamine’s (which I hated, btw >_>;;; I loveee you Tachibana, but I don’t like his evil roles much at all. Even if he was “suffering” the whole time. The actual “dating” scenes were so ridiculously cliche I wanted to throttle whoever had written them.). So I just went with Luen first in the end.

Luen’s route was hot.

Anyway, I did Yamase’s route after Asamine’s, and then Amarube for Hino after that. Yamase’s was pleasant, and Amarube’s was really meditative and touching.

I think I’ll be skipping on Misakubo’s route just because I don’t want to see the heroine’s friend unhappy XD

I moved on from this game before even touching Mitsurugi Kyou because he’s a cousin character and I wasn’t too interested in his voice back then, but I’m considering going back to it to go through his route sometime. You learn some unexpected things about him plotwise through other characters’ routes too. We’ll see.~

*edit* July 10, 2011: Finally went back to the game for Kyou-nii’s route. I’m terrible and keep wanting to say kyounyuu =w=;; Anyway, I actually enjoyed his route quite a bit, at least it was a reminder of what I love about Takuyo’s games. The characters will actually send REAL LOVING VIBES at you instead of just corny lines that easily get superficial, and the story actually LETS YOU FEEL INVOLVED thanks to the writing. It’s full of the reason why I play otome games in the first place. Otomate, Idea Factory and the like could really learn a thing a two from Takuyo >_>;

Sound: Lots of meditative music in this one. And some creepy ones. Befitting of the title.
Gameplay: There are some pretty creepy bad endings that just leave you feeling terrible in this one, so watch out~ A walkthrough will probably save you some heartache since the choices are considerably less obvious than I’ve seen in other Takuyo games.
Replay Value:
Overall: 9/10. One of the better Takuyo games I’ve played, with a good selection of characters to pair with (Asamine I can’t takeeee you but I’m sure there are people out there who totally gush over that type >_>), long stories, music that grows on you and all that good Takuyo goodness I’ve come to appreciate. Breaking through some of the routes does get really difficult/annoying though, so a walkthrough is recommended.

I previously gave this game an 8, but in light of my renewed appreciation for Takuyo games in the long-term run, I’m bumping the score up to 9. /ok

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