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26th January
written by Splash

Title: Hime Hibi ひめひび -Princess Days-
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: Takuyo
Summary: Port from PS2
Story: Basically, you get sent to live in an all-boys school in order to change the culture of it to transition to a co-ed school. And you get a bunch of bishie bodyguards and a fiance to top it off.~

In the route I took (and something similar probably happens in all of the routes), you start getting real threats from someone who wants you to leave the school. They even go as far as to leave a gift-wrapped bomb on your school desk. wtf. You’d think in a situation like that, there’d be a lot more authorities involved, but the school people keep it private in the game despite the risk. XD; uhhhh~ Yeah, that kind of disturbed me. I don’t care if it’s a private school or such; when you have a bomb planted in your school, you need to bring in the professionals to help out >_>;
Characters: 10 – Personally it has just the right range of characters I’d be happy with in an otome game. You’ve got the school crush (Morikawa Toshiyuki), your fiance you share hidden memories of (Yoshino Hiroyuki), your shota-like bodyguard, your ossan bodyguard, sexy sensei (Ishida Akira), a bish who reeks of traditional japanese bushido in his mannerisms (Nojima Kenji) XD… I’m interested in a few characters, but first going after yocchin’s character (Masaya, the fiance) since he’s so mean to me in the beginning~~~. Err I mean… *hides masochist self* :3

So I finished Masaya’s route… moeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I dunno if I can bring myself to play the other routes, his character just moeeeeeeeeeeeee’d me way too much. Yocchin’s manry voice is nice.

I’m slightly tempted to for sensei’s route, just because of his personality. Ishida Akira’s voice actually doesn’t give me happy memories unless I think about Katsura, then I can’t take him seriously anyway. XD But the tone he uses for this game is really different from anything I’ve heard from him before, which helps me disassociate from his other roles a bit. I might go for it sometime. Also kind of vaguely interested in Morimori and Nojiken’s routes.
Graphics: 9. I’ve been very happy with the graphics in Takuyo games so far and this didn’t disappoint me anywhere particularly. I really liked the female’s design for this game in particular. I just wish they had MORE fanservice CG scenes for the route I took, to be honest, haha.
Sound: 9. The music isn’t as memorable as in Panic Palette, but there are still some good themes and none of it detracts from what’s going on in the story.
Gameplay: 8. There are mini-games centered around raising your popularity in the school to get more students to approve of the co-ed transition, but I dunno if any of it served any purpose. I’d assume you’d get a “bad end” if you didn’t raise your popularity enough. By the time I got to the end of my route, I only had around 70% of the school “on my side” but I got the full good ending, as far as I could tell. But again, I’ve only played one route so far. XD;
Replay Value:
Overall: 9. Assuming I got the full good ending with Masaya… it was nice while it lasted~~~~ The “confessions” were my favorite part, but I wish there was just a bitttttt more aftermath fluff. I wanted to live the otome goodness a bit more there.~

Now I’m nervous to try out Hime Hibi 2 because it has some of the characters from this game, but not Masaya wahhhhhhh TwT~

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