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17th January
written by Splash

Title: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore 幻影異聞録♯FE
Platform: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: Atlus
Replay Value:

I’m a little confused if it’s just because I bought the jp version, but did they really not subtitle any of the songs or battle quotes in the English version? If so then yes I understand why people would complain it’s too Japanese for them lol… WTF localization team

It’s a bit of a shame that the first dungeon of the game is a real PITA as the other ones have been a lot more tolerable for the most part… first dungeon impression just terrible. Worth using a walkthrough to spare time but I was hoping to go without one for as long as I could

Official Site
Legit good beginner tips~ unlike what the usual big game sites have ugh. Serenes Forest pulling through for FE stuff once again. <3 Twitter ramble

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