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1st August
written by Splash

Title: Fire Emblem: Three Houses
Faiā Emuburemu Fūkasetsugetsu (Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム 風花雪月)
Platform: Switch
Genre: SRPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Intelligent Systems, Nintendo
Summary: Director Kasukihara wasn’t kidding when he said one House takes 80 hrs. I do intend to play all three houses eventually, starting with Golden Deer (Claude). And probably a full new game+ with ALL THE THINGS (all students, etc) on Golden Deer to finish it off.

The games were kind of Otome RPG-esque since Awakening, but WOW they stepped it up even more for this one. SUCH OTOME RPG.
Story: Not sure how I feel about Edelgard’s house being the only one with more than one route, as I personally want more out of the other houses instead… IS waifu bias though.
Characters: I associate Kurahana Chinatsu’s art with dokidoki things, considering Lamento introduced me to her, and then Uta no Prince-sama and so on. I prefer Kozaki’s art overall (Awakening, Fates), but Kurahana Chinatsu still has a special place with me. And it feels really dokidoki.

More on actual game characters later. XD
Sound: I was a bit skeptical about the prospects of the music this time when they put out music samples on the site (I can’t find that sample site now lol)–none of it was too memorable back then. But… yeah, the actual game music is super good.
Replay Value: 10. THERE IS SO MUCH CONTENT. 1st run took me 70 hrs.
Overall: 10. I might not even be halfway through the game, but it’s going to take something SUPER BAD for me to break this score. This is an EASY 10/10 for the sheer amount of great content packed into one game, SO MUCH VALUE. It’s not absolutely perfect in every way, but IS really blew the water out of this one when so many other games lately demand that you pay up another game’s worth to get more than an initial ~20 hr run or so.

Screenshots, more gameplay details, and all the other deets to come!!!

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