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14th April
written by Splash

Title: Pokemon Duel / Co-Master ポケコマ ポケモンコマスター
Platform: Android
Genre: Roulette Board Game
Language: Japanese
Company: The Pokemon Company
Summary: Apr 12, 2016 – Oct 31, 2019. Guess it had a decent 3 year run even though I didn’t even log into the game for its last year and half. I kind of wanted to screenshot my collection before the shutdown but didn’t even bother in the end.
Replay Value:
Overall: Beginning days of the app were terrible just because of limitations of the game system. Fortunately, they’ve updated with enough content to make the game a little more worthwhile to play, step by step.

RNG is still a terrible part of this game, but what Japanese f2p mobage isn’t >>;

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