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3rd May
written by Splash

Title: Fire Emblem Kakusei ファイアーエムブレム覚醒
Console: Nintendo 3DS
Genre: Strategy RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Nintendo
Summary: Doing a whole ton of gaiden chapters and working through various support conversations occupied me a good 72 hours before I beat the game. VERY strong Fire Emblem game! Very well worth the $55 I spent to get the Japanese version.

It’s been too many years since I’ve had the support system enjoyment of the GBA games and player control that isn’t ridiculously limited like the Wii game~ And I skipped Gamecube completely. And the DS games were just remakes which I played and got bored of relatively quickly.

But THIS one’s kept me going. Mostly cuz I’m a girl and I want those support conversations. DEAL. /pif

I am bawwww at the lack of S level supports for same gender characters. I want my bromance and sisterhoods too, kthx. But I AM wonderfully pleased at the sheer amount of supports in this game overall. Mmmmm~
Story: Didn’t follow most of the hype for this game, so the story came at me completely new. I heard whifs about multiple generations, but the way it plays out is refreshingly unique to me. I like. A lot of the plot turns and stuff aren’t particularly groundbreaking, but it’s easier to follow than a lot of the roughandpuff tyrannical plots of some of the older games, which quickly bored me.
Characters: Right at the start screen I was fairly impressed at how detailed you could customize your personal unit (Literally the “My Unit”, which everyone shortens to MU).

Back on the sheer amount of support conversations… more on this later!
Not only are there support conversations for the main “current time” cast, when the characters from the 2nd generation come in, it’s a whole new set right there as well.

MU has support conversations with just about every character with supports in the game, including those from the 2nd generation. And as far as I’ve seen, you can marry ANY of them if they’re the opposite gender.

One odd thing about the whole system though, is that all of the S-level support conversations involve marriage proposals. You get used to it, but WOW people accept proposals so easily in this game. If only real life was that simple. XD;
Graphics: I really like the art~ The art for a lot of the download content is really quite cruddy to be frank (or just old), but that’s download content.

I remember loving up the art for Fire Emblem 6 and 7 to bits and pieces, I even have the artbook :D So yum.

Oh yes, and cutscenes in this title are so VERY PRETTY. The characters move more naturally than even Final Fantasy’s attempts at realistic movements imo. :P
Sound: 10. MORE INTO THIS LATER. This music is just really nice.

And after I beat the game I found out Kondou Rei (Danball Senki) composed it. My mind is so blown I can’t even
Gameplay: The Double system is the most unique addition to this FE game. The only thing I find slightly awkward about it all is that the enemies never use it themselves. Otherwise I find it a totally welcome new element to the gameplay.

They’ve removed the item weight to the system as well as the magic strength/weakness against other magic. I didn’t care much for either of those elements, so eh.
Replay Value: There’s quite a LOT of replay value, based on the support conversations alone. You’d have to have… sooooooo many playthroughs in order to have a complete index for the support conversations. Unless there’s a way to get them all unlocked without having to do so many.
Overall: 10. Debated whether to give this a 9 or 10… D: At the moment the only reason I’d give it a 9 is because of the lack of S grade supports for same genders, but that’s probably not too fair considering the huge surplus of supports anyway. XD I’ll give it some more thought.

I first fell in love with Fire Emblem with game 7, and have been fairly disappointed with every title I played following, but THIS title definitely redeems itself for all the waiting for an EXCELLENT new title to the series. While some other gamers would cry thorns at some of the simplification, such as the item weight and the magic triangle, I don’t mind so much and I appreciate the new elements they put in instead.

To be fair though, I DID completely skip the Gamecube generation and am still interested in going through Ike’s adventures some day. For the story and characters, you people. The gameplay I don’t care much for in the end, especially for older games. I just need to find the time :V

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