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17th November
written by Splash

Title: Shining Force Feather
Console: NDS
Genre: Tactics/Action RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: SEGA
Summary: Gang of airship pirates savin’ the world. That again, yup.
Story: 6 – Nothing original in here, but it was interesting enough to uh… not get utterly bored, I guess. It really could’ve used more creativity though. And it was utterly short, with not much exploring or freedom to do much else besides grinding and side conversations. :|
Characters: 7 – Well, I personally had fun with the seiyuu selection, but as characters themselves, they were either too far on the aho-baka side or just bland altogether. Hatano and KENN’s characters butting heads was a good relief of stupidity compared to the real world though, hahahahahaha.
Graphics: 9 – Love the character designs and the game looked nice in play.
Sound: 9 – I liked ’em… not much else to say. Music was a bit repetitive, but they were nice pieces.
Gameplay: 9 – Provided enough challenge for me.~ I liked the combination of tactics + action command, that was very similar to Valkyrie Profile: Covenant of the Plume without so much of the ridiculous difficulty.
Replay Value: 6 – No reason to keep playing much after the story ends…
Overall: 7. It had a few strong points which made it worth playing through once, but it’s definitely no great hit since it was way too short and didn’t offer much else as a game.

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